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Thursday, April 9, 2009

What racial phenotype woud be rarer? in your opinion?

a north or central european who looks like a north african or arabic/mid eastern? or a arabic mid eastern or north african who looks northern european? what woud be rarer?

I think an Arabic mid eastern or north African who looks northern European, usually dark genes are more prominent.

I think a mid eastern person who looks Northern european would be more rare, there are some middle eastern people who have green or blue eyes but they still don't exactly look like a Norwegian, on the other hand in Europe they have found small amounts of DNA from the middle east, in European populations Tomas Jefferson had DNA similar to that of an Egyptian even though he was of Welsh origins, in an ancient grave in Denmark they found the remains of an arab man, and of course the Jews have been in Europe for a very long time and some intermarrying both ways took place

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