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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Victimization is most likely to occur when?

is the answer a when a person is alone or in unfamiliar sorroundings b when a situation is resolved quickly c when thier is history of violence or d when a dispute is left unresolved

When you wear a t-shirt with a bright, red bull's-eye target, on your back...

Victimization occurs when:

1. One or more persons feel they are more entitled to something than any one else.

If you put one person in a room alone that one person can not victimize any body.

Now put two people in a room with nothing but a plate of food enough for one. All sorts of social phenomena starts to happen.

1. They fight over the food.

2. They share the food.

3. They divide the food according to size, wieght, age, sex, and social standing etc. etc.

4. The more aggressive of the two will try to dominate the other and try to establish "The Alpha" rule.

5. Both will begin to hoard. They begin to steal, trick, lie, or cheat to get more food.

All this could have been solved if there were enough food for both to begin with.

That is the case for everything in society today. Violence and victimization occurs when one person or a group feels they are deserving of something better than others. Exploitation to get at resources is nothing new. Cavemen did it. The animals do it all the time for their survival.

The trouble is we as human and as creatures of reasons tend to over aggressively exploit to get what we deem are necessary.

People had killed each other over food, money, job, love, and land. It it will keep on going until the human as a race is pure energy. Then we won't need those things any more.

Victimization is most likely to occur when an event tales place and you are left feeling the negative repercussions.

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