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Thursday, April 9, 2009

How can the human race survive the next 100 years?

l like your question..

the best solution is a war.. it's not a joke, there are too many persons on the world, and just thanks to the wars - human race was able to survive until these days.. that were no wars- the earth would be overpopulated, we would be like sardines . just human race is not controlling birth-rate, has no enemies and has no sense for a responsibility. make your own calculation that - if be a peace (and so on)- within 100years, the population will be 3 times bigger then now.. so, if people do not want to stop with making kids and kids and kids and kids- there is just one solution for it. earth is like and island, has limits and humans do not want to accepted.. so what to do? let humans destroy all other species of the globe and, then, all will dye of hunger or will become cannibals..

terrorists do not exist, exist just an enemy who try to defend the home of others.. why don't you ask your ex-president how they became your enemies and why, didn't want to judge them in front of face of the world? cause they didn't do it. and the true who did it - would come out.. never happend in human history that someone had a prisoners but was afraid to judge them in front of others.. isn't that strange? he wasn't afraid to accuse them openly, he wasn't afraid to capture them - but was afraid to judge them on same way- so everybody can see what they really did.. a persons who organized the destruction of 2 towers walk free..

the towels were constructed to support the strongest earthquakes and couldn't crash down because of those planes. just one nation saved all her stuff- and were adviced day before so not even one of them didn't come to work (and they should be - at least- one thousand persons- strange?). pentagon supposed to be hit by plane- but when was obvious that wasn't plane- all had to disappear!!!

go ahead, and check it.. bil aden just said what was true "l didn't expect that the towers will crash down" and in front of any court- is not any prove that he ordered it.. he is not standinding behind it..

now comes out the real reason why the towers were destroied...

that is a real america and a real story about international terrorism

You are talking about a species that rose from prey to top predator in less than 2 million years and survived catastrophic events that rendered 100s of other species extinct (ice ages, drought and the eruption of the massive Toba volcano 74,000 yrs ago). While humans have suffered numerous reversals of progress, their ingenuity & ability to adapt to conditions has allowed them to overcome those obstacles & prevail.

While global warming may pose a problem in the future, it will not be an insurmountable obstacle. I suspect humans will someday stand on a planet circling a distant star & look back at this small sun in the night sky.

win the war on terrorism, f.u.c.k.i.n. hippies! screw global warming. what will you do about a nuclear winter?


There's no reason to think that every human will be dead in 100 years.

if they only worshiped Allah {SWT}

How can it not?

Keep things running

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