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Thursday, April 9, 2009

..........Are Persians Asian?

Geographically? Yes, they are. But how about racially?

Middle Eastern?



Iranian are persians and they are in fact considered Causcasians.. Afghani's are also considered Caucasians. Go to the east one country and the Arabs and considered Asian

caucasian. Most of the forefathers of Europe exited the near east from around this area over 10,000 years ago....Green and blue eyes and fair hair is not uncommon and many have what is now considered standard 'European' mtdna (H,T, J etc)or else the older haplogroups (pre-HV,JT) from which Euro dna branched off from.

Depends on what you consider 'Asian'

If you mean "people living the non-European areas of Eurasia" yes.

If you mean "far eastern Asian" no.

'Race' is a comp0letely arbitrary concept, with no reality.

Arabs are also caucasion. Asian isn't a race. Obviously it is a continent. That is one problem in using things like African American and Asian American.

Racially they are considered Caucasian.

Nope, we are Caucasian.

Yes really.

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