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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are africans not as smart as the other ethnicity

call me racist but its not what im going for

what im saying is some of the first civilizations on earth were mesopotamia egypt Chinese and greek. but they are still undeveloped.

is it just location location location and lack of resources. are is their another genetic factor in it?

Whereas, of course, Matt - you're a prime example of white superiority!

Well Egyptians are Africans, not Sub Saharan Africans like the dark skinned ones, they are Mediterranian Africans, and there is a place called Great Zimbabwe that is a ruin of a once advanced people is Sub Sahara Africa that is just plain Neat, that up until a few years ago was said to be foreign construction, because of the same belief that Black Africans couldn't do it but the fact it exists proves they did have advanced skills why they lost them are unknown, and Ethiopia has many places that show advanced ability, mainly the Churches that are meant to replicate the Holy Land.

as for the current state of Africa, I dont know why they may have lost ancient skills but they have Lions and other major feline predators and a harsh enviroment so thot could be a contributing factor to the difference in developement,

They had some pretty advanced civilizations there before falling prey to the advanced weaponry of the Europeans. Unfortunately, the Europeans than got to write the histories.

Progress does not equal intelligence. Many 'profressive' movements have reaped extremely hazardous conseuqnces, and what we see as 'primitive' practices are often highly sustainable

wow, brian, your naivety and ignorance is baffling

There is no genetic factor involved in this. Its actually the need for resources, would you rather hunt for food and live or die soon but with knowledge?


All people are open to equal education.

It depends on how hard they study and their efforts.

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