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Thursday, April 9, 2009


plz plz help me!!!!i have a big report due

tell me anything you can on the ancient mayans oral tradition, writing system and literature!!thank you!!

The Proto-Mayan language began in the vicinity of Guatemala appx. 5,000 years ago. Their calendar, which has a 5,126 year cycle, would be an example of their "written" word, along with their Creation Legend, known as the Popol Vuh...

Many of their religious codices have been destroyed, or are yet to be found. The Mayan language is NOT dead, as appx. 1.5 million people today still speak it, in the vicinity of the Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala...

Everything was based primarily on the earth and nature. Mythology, religion, pottery and art reflected belief in earth and primarily sun cycles. Expert mathematicians and astrologists. Don't think there was any literature. I think that despite a highly evolved society, they never bothered with written word, prob because they didn;t feel the need to.

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