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Friday, March 13, 2009

Why does my teacher hate me?

She always goes around me when handing tests, I am the last one to get one even though I am first.

She doesn't look at me while she is speaking to the class, instead she avoids any eye contact until I look away from her. I know this because I see it in my peripheral vision.

She only asks me hard questions in front of the class, while I am making a speech she interrupts me with those.

She makes grimaces at me and recently she invaded my personal space by sitting in the desk next to me, so she would grade during speeches.

I admit I am a shy person and I never give my input when she's in front of class, but I do talk to her when she's talking to me. I also like to go last in everything and she literally has to call me to get up.

Should I act really friendly towards here and kill her with kindness? I said hello to her when she walked into the class, that took her aback.

It doesn't matter whether she hates you or likes you. She's there to teach you. If she asks you hard questions, consider that maybe she's trying to challenge you. Welcome the challenge because school is easy when compared to real life.

she is a Big Bitc* . BB

just wait and be yourself...... it will eventually end one day.

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