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Friday, March 13, 2009

Is it possible to have knowledge or skills in your dreams that you normally don

if so do you believe it is possible to keep any of that knowledge ( or skills) when you wake up

Yes, when you%26#039;re awake you only have access you around 12% of your mind, and the rest is subconscious. So you are missing a huge part of your abilities when awake, but in the dream world you have amazing creativity. You can actually sing an amazing song that even rhymes, without even thinking about it. The trick is to remember it when you wake up. You can also learn and practice things in dreams such as public speaking or acting. However you could play the guitar without effort in the dream, but when you awaken you can%26#039;t, so its a bit limited with physical subjects. Dreams are of the mind so anything that is an idea, or comes from thoughts, can be transfered back into the real world if your 12% can handle it.

Some of the most important inventions, songs, stories etc came from dreams, such as Paul McCartney%26#039;s %26quot;Yesterday%26quot;, Mary Shelley%26#039;s %26quot;Frankenstein%26quot;, Robert Louis Stevenson dreamed of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Otto Loewi won the nobel prize for the theory of chemical transmission of the nervous impulses that he received from one dream. Elias Howe invented the sewing machine after a dream, and Jack Nicklaus found a new way to hold his golf club.

The list goes on with people that credit their success to the dream world. David Foster has an amazing ability to access his unconscious mind while awake when sitting at the piano. He says its just stupid, it just comes out and he plays it with no thought. If he did think about it, then his tiny 12% would get in the way and the unconscious mind wouldn%26#039;t flow freely out of him. This is usually how great artists and writters explain their abilities, it just comes out.

There is also a way you can harness this ability by realizing you are dreaming, while you are dreaming. Its called lucid dreaming. You%26#039;ll be in a dream, then you%26#039;ll say, hey this isn%26#039;t real, this is a dream! Then you can go around the dream world and actually access your subconscious mind directly. For example if you are a painter, you can go to a museum of art in your dream world and each piece on the wall will be of your creation. Find one you really like and memorize it before you wake up.

For those that cannot lucid dream, there is always the twilight zone. This is the time between dreaming and waking up where you still see and hear things, but are aware of the real world as you lay in bed. Everyone does this unless they are awakened by an alarm clock. Most great ideas come from 3am, because allot of people wake up at that time of night and have wonderful access to their unconscious mind, if they don%26#039;t move. You want to have an intention, such as I want to see a painting, and just let it show you what it wants to show. Don%26#039;t force it, but allow it.

We all have great untouched genius, its just a matter of accessing it.

Children can access it better than most adults because they haven%26#039;t been told to grow up, which really means, let go of your imagination. This is a huge mistake, as stated by great minds in the past....

%26quot;Imagination is more important than knowledge.%26quot; -Albert Einstein

%26quot;Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.%26quot; -Pablo Picasso

So the greatest minds understand this, and now so do you. Happy Dreaming

Well, first of all - anything is possible in your dreams. You can even fly. But don%26#039;t expect to be able to fly once you wake up; that is anatomically impossible for us human beings.

There have been studies towards learning abilities while sleeping, and dreaming is part of that. Generally your dreams are re-runs of the day that passed, and parts of your imagination to fill them up. You have several dreams each night of which you remember at least 2, maybe 3 if you%26#039;re very lucky. It has been thought that while your dreams re-run everything you%26#039;ve seen and heard that day and place it in your mind, your brain will also continue to learn while you sleep - in your dreams. No, literally, in your dreams.

So, in a way, it is possible to learn knowledge or skills in your dreams that you didn%26#039;t have the day before, but will continue to have the next day because your dreams helped you develop them.

There have been many times when I was writing something and %26quot;slept it over%26quot;, that the solution came to me the next morning thanks to my dreams.

Well you might THINK you have skills in dreams that you don%26#039;t have in real life, but really if you can do something in a dream, you can do it in real life too, maybe you just don%26#039;t remember seing someone do it when you are awake. So to answer your question, no.

I%26#039;ve been able to fly in my dreams since I was a child. Whenever I get into trouble or am scared in a dream, I just start running really fast until my feet leave the ground and I fly away. I%26#039;ve been trying to do this in my waking hours for most of my adult life unsuccessfully, so I know that skill doesn%26#039;t carry over into real life.


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