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Friday, March 13, 2009

Hello anyone? please read my dilemma please? pls pls pls pls pls pls!! i really just need an opinion.?

I am a person who can control her feelings/emotions, for example i became attached to someone, its not that hard for me to move on, i can always rationalize and control things, but this time im having a hard time fixing things in my head. i became really attach to a person that im not intending to be attached to.. its a relationship that was for fun at first, but later on i became committed to it, but not because i love the person but because i enjoy it so much and the person really like me and because of outside pressure too.. i convinced myself that i really like the person and this is what i want for life (but deep down its not true) its really really stupid i know! so dont judge anymore pls.. and now im having a hard time rationalizing things because its a big thing! it would've been better if i didn't commit myself to it but i did. what do you think should i do?? i can't seem to forgive myself and move on because of this...

You have already made your decision. My opinion is this, would the friend consider you a friend if you refused to commit? If the friend would think less then I wouldn't consider him/her a friend. A consistent liking requires no commitment, it precipitates its own sustenance. I only respond so vaguely because the reasons provided for this commitment have been supplied so vaguely.

This was a bit confusing but....

How important is this to you? Could you live with out this in your life?

The best thing to do when you feel this way is to cut it out of your life completely and move on. The pain will be there for a while but time heals all wounds. It will eventually stop depressing you.

hmmmm, sounds like a situation i had a few months ago. well i can say from experience that it is really easy to get attached to someone you don't mean to, especially if it was for fun at first (thats what happened to me). my situation rather worked itself out, and there's no reason that yours wouldn't do the same either.

but im a bit confused. are you with this person or not? or are you trying to move on? or?

Learn the lesson of always being true to yourself, sorry, but now you pay the price.

If you like it, don't move on. Stay with them, be happy for what you have.

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