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Friday, March 13, 2009

How do you become successful?

My family as had a few successful members and others well not so much. I just wanted to prove myself just as successful as they are and buy myself something that's great and expensive or at least do something great. Anybody got any ideas?

First, define your idea of successful. :) Success to me is peace of mind and being True to my Self, not trying to impress others. When I am True to Myself, I am more able to be True to those around me.

Be Yourself. It's Priceless.... turn your mind into a Lamborghini. :)

Be the best [insert your name] you can be. Forget about your family members. Success is a combination of very many things. But it all comes down to you being proud of you and being the best you that you can be!

do well in school; get gr8 gcses, a-levels, go uni, do degrees and then get a gd job. well if u do gd in uni and stuff, ur bound 2 find a gd job. And jus have paitence, yh

Watch what unsuccessful people do - then don't do that.

Go to college

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