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Friday, March 13, 2009

NON-FEMINISTS, When modern Feminists engage in profanity, do you suspect...?

There will be impending violence within a matter of hours?

I note that there is a correlation between the rise in acceptance of sexual battery of men (it has been made acceptable) and the rise in feminism (which has worked hard to ridicule men at all levels).

Perhaps so.

Non-feminists produce much more insulting and profain messages than feminists. Why question feminist voilence? Do you consider it worse than non-feminist voilence? Can non-feminists be voilent against women so? Is this an admission of normalness for male voilence and not female. Of all the talk of equality before the law have non-feminist been stricken by the same tunnel vision they accuse some in the feminist movement of.

I absolutely can not stand the way a lot of women talk today. They cuss more than any 50 men I know! It's degrading, shows lack of social skills, lack of intelligence, lack of communication skills and lack of vocabulary...not to mention lacking the ability to get your point across using intelligent vocabulary.

Not only that...they don't care who they cuss in front of! Little old ladies, little old men, their kids, other's kids!

I'm not a prude, and I won't say that I don't cuss, because I do...but only in situations where I know it is accepted and I know that the people I'm talking to will not be offended.

However, the same goes for men. They lack the respect of others when they use their vulgarity and foul language in front of people that would/might be offended by it.

Right, that's why there are so many "feminists" in jail....

Oh wait, there aren't. Gee, that's weird. And come to think of it, I hadn't read anything about feminists using violence at all. Huh.

And the only place it's "acceptable" to sexually batter a man is in a men's prison. Won't find any feminists there, either.

I think it does. In my experience, whenever a feminist starts using profanity with me, it means she's about to try and kick my chauvenistic, sexist ***. Never fails to make me laugh hysterically, which of course only aggrevates the problem...

ROFL big butch feminist biker chick vs 6'3" Coal Miner, makes for a good spectacle let me tell you!

You're less attractive when drenched in hypocrisy..

I've seen more profanity from the non-fems!!!

Be fair, man.

*But a non-feminist who blames feminists for doing what the non-feminists do more often is being a hypocrite*

I don't belong to any group..I like to play fair.

Gaspari, you sound like a timid child whenever you talk about feminists/feminism. People curse, feminist or not.

I liked Gwennie's answer. lol

No, I don't. Profanity doesn't scare me.


Dark Knight: ???????????

Anyway, to answer your question: no. :)

Goddamn vagina choir I'm getting mad right now

F*ck no!


In my day, we swatted sewer mouth ladies on the bottom!

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