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Thursday, July 8, 2010

What does this similar reocurring dream mean? PLEASE READ :( 10 points!?

my grandpa died 7 years ago, and lately i cant stop dreaming about him. this first one was about him being alive again and standing in the middle of our house, and i hugged him and looked up at him, but something didnt feel right, i looked up at him and his eyes were blood shot, and the iris of his eyes were red, then the house caught on fire and i let go and ran out of the house with my mom and the ceiling caved in on fire..

then the second one, he came down from heaven, and he was sitting at my kitchen table across from my mom, and she told me grandpa was here and i couldnt tell anyone, and i looked at him, and immediatly i covered my mouth screaming and crying and i fell against my kitchen counter and my house caught on fire again.

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