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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Can someone help me change these aspects of my body.I am close to suicide.?

For all you beautiful people out there.You might think i am being over dramatic but dont think like that.If you have been as ugly as i am you would understand so i dont expect you to understand it now and if you insult me i will forgive you,no matter how much it hurts as long as you help me.If you want to know more about me.Read my previous questions.

Bottom line i am very ugly.SO what can i do to change these conditions of mine.Please help me with as much as you can!I am begging you crying,i am on my knees.

If you can please tell me specific brands that you use so i can go tomorrow and buy them.

Dark knees/elbows

Hairy leg,thighs,arms,forearms,hands,stomach,l back,toes and fingers.

Unshaped bushy eyebrows

I dont have noticeable hair on it but when i checked it with a special 5 times magnifying mirror i realized that above and below my lips there is some hair and it is darker compared to my whole face,plus on my chin too.But it is like it is not there unless someone sees it with a special mirror.

Freckled nose

Very,extremely dry hair.I have no hair style that goes with my face.When i soften it it gets so thin.

I am very skinny in general.Undefined skinny arms and legs,a bit bloated stomach,intoned,unhealthy looking body and skin. I want it to be like Britney spears.

Ugly ,disgusting finger and toe nails.

Very rough and dry feet.

Extremely chapped lips.Sometimes gets so cracked that it bleeds.People recommended me Carmex.Do u think it is good or have any suggestions?

Yellow,rabbit and vampire looking shapeless teeth.

My upper lip is a bit dark as if i had put some black lipstick.I dont have a very peachy lip.

So please help me.I am sick and tired of my mom telling me to act like a women.I am 17 and a bit of a tomboy.I need this to change my life.

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